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Children’s Dentistry At Herzliya Dental Clinic

Here at Herzliya Dental Clinic, Pediatric Dental Healthcare is a top priority!
When it comes to children dental health couldn’t be more important and so we always emphasize how important early prevention is.

Oral health for children begins with their first visit to a Pediatric Dentist at the Herzliya Dental Clinic at the age of one, once their first teeth have emerged. Our Children Oral Health team are committed to promoting healthy gums and teeth while monitoring digestion and chewing as well as speech development. We strive at all times to develop a trusting and comfortable relationship with your child and with you so that a long-lasting commitment to maintaining good oral health can be established.

Some tips to help you prepare your child include:

  • Counting their teeth and letting them count your teeth. 
  • Pretending to take images of both of your teeth. 
  • Taking your young child along when a friend or older sibling goes for their routine appointment.

What Should I Expect At My Child’s First Appointment With The Herzliya Dental Clinic?

When your child attends for their first appointment with us, it’s our first chance to carry out screening for potential problems like cavities. We’ll also give you some helpful advice about caring for their teeth and we’ll answer any queries you might have about good oral hygiene for children.
As they get older, visiting the dentist regularly will help them to become more aware of good dental hygiene as well as the links between cavities and diet and how to prevent injuries. Here at the Herzliya Dental Clinic we believe all children should have the chance to grow to adulthood with the benefit of an attractive, healthy smile that leads to lifelong good oral health.


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    Digital X-rays

    Our pediatric x-ray exams diagnose dental issues without discomfort or anxiety.

    Tooth Bonding

    Chips and tooth damage from living the active lifestyle of a kid are filled in flawlessly.

    Cavities and Fillings

    Stop cavities dead in their tracks and have the tooth repaired with a filling.

    Root Canal, Grand Canal. With us you won't feel the difference.

    Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be dreadful



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