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Family Orthodontics Near Me In Herzliya

There are many effective orthodontic treatment options at the Herzliya dental clinic for you and each member of your family. Family orthodontics is often recommended for teeth and jaw alignment issues. Current orthodontic enhancements are more affordable than you think and are available for people of all ages. Treatments include metal and ceramic braces, and translucent systems, as well as retainers. Orthodontics straightens teeth while protecting your mouth and ensuring good long-term oral health.

What is Family Orthodontics?

Skeletal and dental malocclusions and long-standing problems can result in misalignment of the mouth and jaw. Family orthodontics in Herzliya can straighten teeth, fix issues with your bite, and eliminate gaps. Temporomandibular disorders and advanced jaw issues are also addressed. After an extensive examination and x-rays, bracers or dental aligners are fitted. Within a few short months, you’re rewarded with a healthy smile.

To learn more about family orthodontics and the solutions available to correct any teeth’ irregular meeting, contact Northern Tel Aviv’s Herzliya dental clinic today.

How Family Orthodontics Can Help You

The ideal candidate for family orthodontics will be suffering from one or more of the following issues:

  • Incorrectly spaced teeth with overlapping and crowding.
  • Teeth that are spaced too far apart.
  • Overbite, exhibiting front teeth that are too far forward.
  • Underbite, with either front teeth that are too far behind in the mouth or lower teeth that are too far ahead.
  • Crossbite, showing teeth that meet when closing your mouth and biting.
  • Openbite, having teeth that leave a gap when closing your mouth and chewing.

Fitting an orthodontic appliance in Herzliya like bracers makes it easier to bite, chew and eat. Early orthodontic care guides dental growth quickly and effectively. However, extended treatments can solve lifelong problems and stop future complications.

Please schedule an appointment with the Herzliya dental clinic so that we can help you find the optimal family orthodontics.

What to Expect When Visiting Our Orthodontist in Herzliya

When you come to our practice in Herzliya for family orthodontics, you receive a total oral evaluation. An orthodontist will provide any fillings or extractions that you may need. Temporary bracers, aligners, or a permanent plate are then fitted depending on the type of dentofacial orthopedics best-suited.

Do you want family orthodontics that uses the most advanced technology and treatment methods available? Contact the Herzliya Dental Clinic today to learn how we can straighten your teeth and restore your smile.


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    Correct a malocclusion of the lower teeth that protrude further forward than the top teeth.


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    Straighten and align teeth to fit normally within the jaw and make good oral health easier.

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