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Where can you get dental crowns & veneers in Herzliya?

Dental crowns & veneers are prosthetic restorations that are being used in dentistry regularly. These restorations are fixed to your teeth and can be used for solving a variety of problems with them. Dental crowns are made to fit your teeth in shape, size, and color. There are different types of dental crowns and this can influence the dental crown cost. Whether you are not satisfied with the looks of your teeth, if you had a severe decay or cracked tooth, we are here to help you restore your teeth, and make them look even better.

If you want to make your smile more beautiful, or you want a perfect function of your teeth, our team in Herzliya Dental Clinic is here to help you. If you are looking for a quality dental crown in Herzliya, call us and make your appointment to find out what is the best solution for your problem.

What we can fix with dental crowns & veneers?

A dental crown can be made out of porcelain, metal, gold, or resin. This variety of materials and dental crown types help us resolve many of the different problems that can occur in a patient’s mouth.

Some of them are:

  • weak tooth due to large filling
  • weak tooth due to root canal
  • cracked tooth
  • irregular shape of a tooth
  • irregular size of a tooth
  • tooth that has changed its color.

Call us at the Herzliya Dental Clinic and we will help you find what is the best type of dental crown for your specific problem.

How does the dental crown process look like?

At our clinic in Herzliya, we will first make a decision which type of crown do you need. When we start the process, first thing we do is the drilling of the tooth, and then we can take the impressions. While you wait for the dental laboratory to make your crown, you will get the temporary crown, so that you can function without any problems. When your dental crown is made, we can then fix it to your tooth.

You can then have a beautiful and strong tooth and use it as it is your natural tooth. The materials are very durable. You will not have to worry about the safety and looks of that tooth for many years. If there is a tooth missing, dental crowns can also be made so they can hold a bridge.

When you receive your new dental crown, you will need to maintain proper oral hygiene, as if it was your natural tooth. Also, it is recommended that you visit Dental Clinic Hertsliya twice a year for a regular checkup. 


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    broken or chipped teeth

    Fix broken or chipped teeth with fillings, crowns, caps, veneers, or tooth bonding.

    smaller-than-average teeth

    Solve microdontia and build porcelain veneers to increase the size of your teeth.

    gaps in the teeth

    Eliminate small gaps between the teeth with custom-made veneers.

    Root Canal, Grand Canal. With us you won't feel the difference.

    Going to the dentist doesn’t have to be dreadful



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