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Properly fitting mouth-guards protect your teeth against grinding, jaw clenching, sleep apnea, and sports injuries. There’s no better way to keep your mouth safe than to get a high-quality mouth-guard from Herzliya Dental Clinic. We provide custom-made mouth-guards and bite devices fitting to perfection. The two most common causes of dental damage are bruxism (grinding teeth) and injuries encountered during sporting and active, outdoor events. No sportsperson can go without this essential form of protection, fitting oral contours so well that it barely hampers speech.

Contact our dentist in Herzliya for more information about mouth-guards in and around the central coast of Israel.

Custom-Fitted Mouth-Guards and Bite Appliances

Custom-fitted bite appliances and mouth-guards improve oral health and are invaluable to injury protection. Jaw pressure is reduced as the hard rubbery guard forms a buffer preventing grinding teeth while awake or asleep. Contact Herzliya Dental Clinic today to learn how our custom-fitted bite appliances and mouth-guards can help your grinding difficulty or sports needs.  

Bite appliances and guards relieve temporomandibular joint discomfort, reducing pain and headaches by allowing your jaw muscles to relax and heal. Sleep apnea sufferers also snore less and have a healthier mouth when sleeping with a mouth-guard or bite appliance. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be suffering from bruxism:


     Unexplained headaches and migraines

     Headaches upon waking

     Earache and pain in the Temporomandibular joint

     Facial fatigue and general soreness.

     Chipped tooth edges and enamel

     Difficulty opening your mouth to full extension


Custom-fitted mouth-guards help patients break the grinding habit while stopping complications from forming over an extended period. Wearing one ensures you won’t develop jaw joint issues or suffer extensive damage to the surface of your teeth. Schedule an appointment with our Herzliya Dental Clinic, and we’ll determine the best solution to keep your smile shining.


Total Oral Safety From Tight-Fitting Custom Mouth-Guards


Dental injuries ranging from lip cuts to jaw fractures, small chips, and even complete avulsion are all preventable by wearing a well-designed mouth-guard. In Herzliya, sports guards made from dense, flexible plastic provide superb shock absorption, protecting you against soft tissue injury and concussion during contact sport and other activities. Reliable mouth-guards fit tightly, giving maximum surface coverage and impact resistance.


If you need a mouth-guard for sport or a bite appliance for bruxism in Herzliya, contact our dental clinic to request a consultation today.


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